World Insurance
Report 2016

Discover how emerging technology themes, enabled by the Internet of Things, are slowly transforming customer lives and allowing insurers to measure and control risks with the World Insurance Report 2016. Using data from over 15,000 customers worldwide, and over 180 executive interviews, the report also reveals that Gen Y customers, with their high digital expectations have held the overall customer experience down.

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Underwriting Performance

Non-life insurers in most regions witnessed improved underwriting ratios due to a significant drop in claims expenses.

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Impact of Connected Technology

As consumers increasingly adopt connected technologies related to the Internet of Things, the impact on the insurance industry will be unavoidable and as connected technologies take hold, the key risk variables of insurance are facing realignment.

Changing Nature of
Risk and Insurance
Key Implications
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Way Forward

The short, medium, and long term implications of the changing environment for insurers require firms to assess the future along current capabilities, readiness for change, and future positioning.

Key Questions to Consider

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