Regional Customer Experience Scores and Rankings

2015 Customer Experience Index by Region

Insurers around the globe achieved a significant increase in customer experience levels in 2015. The global CEI improved by 6.1 points to 73.9, pushed by solid increases in customer experience in every country surveyed. By region, developed Asia-Pacific recorded the largest increase in customer experience (6.6 points), followed by Europe (6.3). Though developed Asia-Pacific saw the largest increase in CEI compared with last year, the region still has one of the lowest levels of customer experience scores compared with other regions.

Regional Positive Experience of Gen Y and Other Customers

High Disparity in Positive Experience Levels Between Generations

Gen Y’s high expectations and strong preferences for digital and social media channels led to gaps in service and, in turn, less positive outcomes. Globally, only 33.9% of Gen Y customers have positive experiences with their insurers, compared to 55.4% of non-Gen Y customers. The gap is widest in North America, followed closely by Europe and Latin America. It is also found in the analysis that Gen Y customers are especially disappointed with their digital insurance experiences.

Top and Bottom 5 Countries in Customer Experience

Top and Bottom 5 Countries with a Positive Customer Experience, 2014 and 2015

While positive experience levels increased in every region across the globe, notable differences existed between countries. Austria continued to have a significant lead, with 64.9% of customers there saying they have positive experiences with their insurers, followed by the United States at 58.5% and Belgium at 57.7%. South Korea and China continued to lag all the countries, with South Korea providing positive experiences to only 33.6% of customers and China to 37.3%.